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Tsubasa Kaneko
Tsubasa Kaneko design
Kanji 金子翼
Rōmaji Kazeko Tsubasa
Character Information
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
School Daisan Middle School
Class 3-1
Occupation Student
Club Unknown
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Kentarō Kumagai
English Aaron Dismuke

Tsubasa Kaneko is a student at Daisan Middle School who's belong in class 3-1.


Kaneko has brown eyes and has short hair. His outfit resembles the standard Japanese Uniform for males. He doesn't button one of his button on his uniform.


Kaneko is a person likes to hang out with girls. He can make girls blush and make them have feelings for him. He likes to talk to his friends especially with Nagahara and Inaba.


Passing Shower

~ Main article: Episode 4 ~

Kaneko went to the school trip to Kyoto with the other students.

Aira and Kaneko

~ Main article: Shorts: Aira and Kaneko ~

Kaneko confess to Aira but she reject him right away. Though this doesn't stop Kaneko that easily. In episode 3 she accepted his confession.

Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love

~ Main article: Episode 7 ~

Kaneko join his friends to Doom City. This is where he discovered Akane's relationship with Kotarō.

Aira and Kaneko 2

~ Main article: Shorts: Aira and Kaneko 2 ~

Kaneko and Aira were sitting on a bench. Kaneko who is reading a magazine found a picture of a idol girl which Aira knew about. Kaneko wanted Aira do the same pose as her. When she did it Kaneko told Aira that he was just joking around and say that she is cute without that pose. Aira then blushed really hard.

Aira and Kaneko 3 ~Valentine's Day Compilation~

~ Main article: EX Shorts: Aira and Kaneko 3 ~Valentine's Day Compilation~ ~

Its Valentine's day and Kaneko is sitting with Aira at their usual spot. Aira was annoyed that Kaneko received a lot of chocolates from other girls. She was about the eat the one she wanted to give to Kaneko until he grab it, trow away the other chocolates saying hers is just enough.


Aira Miyamoto

~ Main article: Aira Miyamoto ~

He likes to tease her sometimes when they started dating by making her blushed. They both are in the Tennis club and in the same classroom together. Whenever girls give him a gift, he usually trow it away and accepts Aira's gift only.

Shō Nagahara & Yasuhito Inaba

~ Main article: Shō Nagahara & Yasuhito Inaba ~

These two were his best friends in Class 3-1. They often laugh, mess around, watching videos and hang out with each other.