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Kotarō Azumi
Kotaro Azumi design
Kanji 安曇 小太郎
Rōmaji Azumi Kotarō
Character Information
Age 14
Birthday 7 August
Gender Male
Relatives Ryūnosuke Azumi (Father)
Junko Azumi (Mother)
Akane Mizuno (Girlfriend/Wife)
Unnamed Child
School Daisan Middle School (Middle School)
Daiichi Municipal High School (High School)
Class 3-1
Occupation Student
Club Literature Club
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Shôya Chiba
English Stephen Sanders

Kotarō Azumi (安曇 小太郎(あずみ こたろう), Azumi Kotarō?) is a student of Class 3-1 who belongs to the literature club and is the main character of Tsuki ga Kirei. He aims to become a novelist and respects Osamu Dazai.


Kotarō has brown eyes, brown hair and a fair complexion. As Akane said, his hair is a little messy, probably because looks for him isn't that much of a necessity. The messy appearance of his hair got him the nickname Curly-kun from her in the 2nd episode.

His outfit is similar to a standard Japanese uniform for males. Based from the ending sequence, the style of his outfit changes according to seasons. He usually goes for shorts and t-shirts as his home wear.


A huge contrast from his robust and outgoing male classmates, Kotarō is quiet and thinks far from his age. His passion as a writer tends to make him more philosophical on thoughts and quiet on speech. Being quiet, he usually only talks to his close friends.

He is also shy, and can't hold much of a long conversation face to face very well. He's also shown to be quite lost for words when with Akane, as he speaks minimally to her.

He also likes to be seen as mature, even from his choices, but alone, his childish side (randomly punching a light switch), and teenage side (eagerness from Akane's messages) is still shown.


Spring and Hard Times

~ Main article: Episode 1 ~

Kotarō's first appearance was at the school's board of classes along with his friends Roman and Ogasawara. Like the other students, he was in the school listening to the teacher's speech. He then went to his classroom with the others. He was investigating his classmates while holding his notebook. While he was at it, he saw Akane for the first time which she was at the door. After class ended, he went to the school's library due to his club.

During the night, he went out to a cafe with his parents and with a surprise, Akane with her parents was there too! They both felt awkward at that moment. They both accidentally met up at the drink bar. They didn't talk, and Kotarō went to get his drinks first. Kotarō was deciding which soda he was going to choose but since Akane was behind him, he went to the other side and get Iced Coffee instead.

Meeting at the Drink Bar.

He then returned to his sit with his parents. Then all of the sudden, Akane's mother approached them and told Kotarō's parents their daughter was his classmate. Both Kotarō and Akane were embarrassed and couldn't even eat their food because of that. They both met up again at the counter, and Akane approached Kotarō and asked him to keep this a secret because it was embarrassing. Kotarō nodded his head and Akane then left while saying thank you. Though Kotarō was curious why she wasn't embarrassed that she was wearing her club uniform.

The next day, both Kotarō and Akane often noticed each other but couldn't say a word. He was one of the chosen students for the Equipment Group for the school sports festival. Before he went home, he submitted his story to a mailbox. He went to Daisuke's bookstore to see if there were any books he wanted to buy. He brought one of Dazai's books about school girls, and Daisuke decided to give Kotarō a magazine as a gift.

Since Akane forgot to add him to a LINE chat for the Equipment Group, the teacher was mad at him for not doing his work (probably because he didn't know yet).

Akane removing dust on Kotarō's back

He went to the store to get one of the scoreboards and he was surprised that Akane was behind him. She apologized to him for not adding him to the group and wanted to ask for his LINE ID. He said he didn't have his phone with him so Akane decided to give Kotarō hers. Akane then wanted to help him to compensate for her mistakes. When Kotarō was moving the scoreboard, he got some dust on his back without even noticing. Akane then removed it for him. The two of then went apart on a street. Kotarō joined the Equipment Group and was happy that he punched a light switch like he was boxing.

A Handful of Sand

~ Main article: Episode 2 ~

Kotarō was writing on a late night, and the next day he felt really tired. He told his parents not to go to the school event. Kotarō's father knew about his secret that he was writing. Kotarō was surprised because he didn't tell anyone about him writing except Daisuke.

At the school festival, he was sitting with Roman while watching the others. Kotarō was competing "The Boys 200" which he said wasn't his luck. The moment that Kotarō saw Akane run, Nagahara told Kaneko to look at her butt. Kotarō accidentally looked at her butt, too, causing him to blush. He went to help others with the Equipment Duty.

When it was his turn to run, he really felt he didn't want to. He would be racing with Takumi Hira who was talking to Akane a few moments ago. When he heard the gunshot, the runners started to run. Kotarō was in the lead a few moment until Hira took over. Then a Blue Team member passed him and Kotarō accidentally fell down, another racer surpassing him.
Meeting Kotaro or Chinatsu

Meeting Chinatsu.

Kotarō was the last person to finish the race. With his injured hand, he went to the nurse office where he met up with Chinatsu. The nurse was out so she was taking over. Chinatsu just noticed that Kotarō was Akane friend while calling him Curly-kun since he had bad bedhead. Chinatsu then helped Kotarō with his injuries but didn't do a great job.

Kotarō saw Akane holding a pink doll and went inside where the Equipment Group meeting was. After the meeting, Kotarō was carrying some boxes and saw Akane was searching for something. Akane seems to forget to insert the slip for the third-years since she was focusing on her search. Kotarō then grabbed the slips and went to distribute them with Hira, Chinatsu, and Aoi.

After that, Kotarō was carrying a stack of Cones and heard Akane, Chinatsu, and Aoi's conversation that Akane loss her Potato mascot. Kotarō then tried to find this Potato mascot of hers. It was afternoon and the festival was already over. Kotarō went to his classroom where he met up with Akane alone. He returned her the Potato Doll which he found from the Storage room. Akane was really grateful and say she was hopeless without it. Kotarō disagreed with her opinion and said she was fine the way she was. Both of them then left the school building together and part at the front school gate. Later that night, he received a LINE text from Akane. The both of them continued with their chat during that night.

Kotarō asked advice from Daisuke about his second story he wrote. This is also the first them he let other people read his story. This is because he had discovered that people who couldn't influence each other was a lie.

Howling at the Moon

~ Main article: Episode 3 ~

After the exam test, Kotarō was tired and said that he didn't do well when Roman and Ogasawara approached him.
Kotarō sc 19
Later, he went to Kumano Shrine and was disappointed that he wasn't one of the Kadoyama Publishing Newcomer Awards winners. Daisuke approached Kotarō and talked about the results.

Later that night, Kotarō was in his bedroom thinking what he should do. His mother from downstairs was telling her son to study. Kotarō answered yes even though he wasn't studying. He then lay on his bed and grabbed his phone. It appears that he and Akane had become a little closer through LINE and were having chats often. However, they couldn't speak to each other at school. Kotarō and Akane chatted through LINE, talking about clubs and exams. Kotarō always thought thoroughly before sending a message to Akane so it wouldn't annoy her. He asked Akane what would she do when she couldn't make things work. She then replied, "I think you're fine the way you are" like how Kotarō said it in Episode 2.

The next day after the exam, he was having a conversation with Roman and Ogasawara about hanging out, but he couldn't since he have Club today. He was heading to the library when he heard someone calling his name in the distance. It was Chinatsu and Akane and Aoi was with her. After the club, he decided to go home. Along the way, he saw Aira and Kaneko together but tried to ignore it. He then heard Chinatsu and Aoi's conversation about Hira who should confess to Akane. At home, he was in front of his laptop while thinking about Chinatsu and Aoi's conversation back at school. He chatted Akane through LINE again. They were discussing Akane's track meet. Kotarō wanted to ask her if she liked someone but he couldn't.

The next day, Kotarō went to the Shrine for his practice. He came early so he could pray for Akane's success. It had already been a while and Akane's track meet should be over. Kotarō was in the Kagura Hall waiting for Akane's comment about her meeting. He even went outside trying to think what he should ask but decided to go back inside.

It's already nighttime and everyone was heading home. Kotarō passed Daisuke and headed home until he found Akane at the Shrine. He pulled Akane away from Daisuke since he felt embarrassed. They both sat somewhere where nobody would find them. Kotarō asked how was the meeting. Akane, with a smile, replied that she scored her personal best!
Ep 3 screenshot 6
Kotarō was grateful for that, and they talked even more. After that, they became silent again, and it felt really awkward at the same time. Kotarō was thinking of translating "Isn't the moon beautiful tonight?" as "I love you". Kotarō tried to repeat it to Akane but only managed to say "The Moon.." Akane looked at the Moon right away and spoke, "I know. It's so pretty." Since Akane said it, this means she said, "I love you" to Kotarō without even realizing it. Both of them become silent again until Kotarō said, "Would you go out with me?".

Passing Shower

~ Main article: Episode 4 ~

Kotarō arrived at the train station for the school trip to Kyoto. He then saw Akane in the distance with her friends. He still haven't received an answer from her if she wants to date with him yet. Roman and Ogasawara then show up. All the students are asked to sit down for a luggage check. After that is settled, Kotarō and the other students went to the train. Kotarō was sitting with Roman and Ogasawara. It appears he hid his phone in an empty Potato Chips beg. When they at arrived at Kyoto, Kotarō decided to look around all by himself. He then found a store. He was looking at one of the items, then Chinatsu suddenly shows up and ask which book is better. Kotarō then point at the biggest one she is holding. They then have a conversation about what do boys like. He then notice Akane was also in the bookstore and left right away.

Kotaro and Daichi

During nighttime on the same day. He was at a Motel where the students were staying. He sleeps in the same room as Roman and Ogasawara. He was laying down staring at the messages about the conversation of him and Akane, while Roman and Ogasawara were playing an online game. He then send a text to Akane what is she up to. Akane then reply she was talking about relationship stuff. Kotarō was typing "If you want, tomorrow..". Then all of the sudden Roman tries to take his phone and Ogasawara was holding Kotarō down. Roman was trying to guess what is the password which ends up being Kotarō's Birthday(0708). Kotarō manage to escape from Ogasawara's grip, takes his phone away from Roman and went outside the room. He then continue his sentence "If you want tomorrow at 12:00 in front of Doimaru Department Store". He then don't know what else to type until Hidaka-sensei appears behind him. Before he takes Kotarō's phone, Kotarō click the send button. Hidaka-sensei then took Kotarō's phone and leaves.

The next day, Kotarō was eating breakfast with the other students. He saw Akane in front of him and he is worried about the text he sent yesterday. After breakfast, he saw Akane with Aira and Miu leaving the building. Kotarō wanted to call her but he couldn't.

After sometime, it started raining. Kotarō was trying to find the Doimaru Department Store so he could meet up with Akane. But he couldn't manage to find her. He was wet from the raindrops but he still keep searching. In the end, found Chinatsu with Aoi. He then rush to them. Chinatsu saw Kotarō heading straight for her and thought he was a burglar. Kotarō was soaked and Chinatsu take out a tower and wipe Kotarō's face. Kotarō then ask Chinatsu for her phone. Chinatsu then lead her to Kotarō, but Kotarō forgot Akane's phone number and he couldn't ask Chinatsu for her ID. He then return Chinatsu's phone and say never mind. Chinatsu then guess who was Kotarō wanted to call and her first guess was Akane. Kotarō was surprise because of that and Chinatsu laugh. Chinatsu then call Akane and lead her phone to Kotarō. He took the phone and talk to Akane he is sorry too be late. He then ask her to meet with him at a particular place instead.


Received Akane's answer.

They both finally meet up and Kotarō can see Akane is really upset. He tries to apologie and tell her that the teacher took his phone. Akane then was curious why he borrowed Chinatsu's phone and she thinks he is really close with her. He then heard Akane saying she wanted to talk with him more. Kotarō then blushes and ask her if that is her answer. She then slowly answers yes.


~ Main article: Episode 5 ~

After the School trip, everyone went back to School like usual. Kotarō enters his classroom and saw Akane. They both smile at each other. Even though they are dating, this new relationship of theirs is a secret which nobody but them know about this.

Later, he was called to the teacher staff room by Ryōko-sensei. She was giving advice to Kotarō about his studies and he isn't focusing enough for his future. After that Kotarō leave the staff room and found Chinatsu in front of the door. She said that his hair isn't curly anymore. She then changes the topic about where she can find any good cram schools since she isn't doing well with her results. Kotarō then mentioned there is a cram school he went which isn't too bad.

Kotarō sc 25

He then went to practice. When its break time, he sit next to Daisuke. Without trying to reveal his secret, Kotarō asked him what to do in a relationship. Daisuke was surprise with the question, so Kotarō said it is for his novels while blushing really hard. Back at home, Kotarō was asking a question in Yahoo how to spend time alone with his girlfriend. Then there is a user named "Master of Love" which have the best answer for his question saying he meet up with his girlfriend in the Library since there was nobody there. His mother then suddenly came in telling him to study. If he fails his exams, Kotarō is banned from the festival and writing. She then leave his room. Akane then send him a text in LINE asking if he is still awake. Kotarō then reply he is. The both of them continue to chat about them unable to talk at school. Kotarō then said he will be at the library tomorrow. Akane then said she will be going there. Kotarō feel exited which he straight away punch his light switch.

The next day, Kotarō leave the classroom without having lunch with Roman and Ogasawara. He was waiting for Akane at the library. After a few minutes, a person went inside the library. At first Kotarō thought it was Akane, but turns out to be Chinatsu. They both were discussing about the cram school which they talk about that time. Akane then enters the library and surprise that Chinatsu was there too. Kotarō was worried that he stood up. Chinastu explain to her what were they doing then leave. Kotarō was still confused whats going on then saw Akane staring at him with jealousy. He then try to ask if she wants to go to cram school. But before he finished his sentence, she answered right away "No".

Kotarō was at cram school. He saw Chinatsu outside his classroom with her parents. They both went home together. Along the way, they were talking about the cram school. She then asked for Kotarō's LINE ID. A car then passed by which push Chinatsu closer to Kotarō. They then continue walking.

Kotarō then went to Daisuke's bookstore helping him organizes his books. Kotarō was feeling upset and sighing all day. Daisuke then ask if is he stuck with his novels about relationship which they talk about during practice and how was it. This means Daisuke can already tell Kotarō is dating someone. Kotarō then answer it wasn't doing well and they hardly be alone together. Daisuke then have an idea.

First time holding hands

Holding hands with Akane.

Kotarō contact Akane to go to a certain place which was the bookstore. She then arrive and only Kotarō was there. They both sit while talking about what happen at the library that time. They also talk about there life and how busy they were. Kotarō then ask if it is alright for him to come and watch Akane run for her next track meet one day. Akane was surprise and don't know what to say. Kotarō then said maybe he shouldn't go after all but Akane said no but its not that she doesn't want him to. Later, Kotarō then slowly hold Akane's hand. Akane then slowly turn her hand around so she can hold his hand as well. Then all of the sudden, Akane got a text from someone. She then let go Kotarō's hand and read the text message. She was surprise of text and turn around to look at Kotarō.

Run, Melos!

~ Main article: Episode 6 ~

Kotarō once again went to go practice. At the same time, he was remembering the moment that he and Akane holding hands in Daisuke's bookstore.

One night he was in the living room with his parents. His father was cleaning a gun while his mother was cooking and commenting about his language arts grade. Suddenly, an unknown phone number was calling Kotarō. Kotarō answered it and turns out it was someone from the Kadoyama Publishing. Kotarō then try to find a private place away from his parents so he can have his conversation.

Picky promise

Pinky Promise

He then text Akane if she wants to meet at the School Library tomorrow. Akane reply she have something to discuss with him too. They both then meet up at the Library and find a spot where no one can see them. Kotarō told her that a publisher called him last time and want to meet with him. Akane was really happy for him. Though the meet is on this Sunday which is the same day as Akane's Track Meet. They both then agree to do their best and made a pinky promise. Kotarō then ask what Akane want to talk about but she say maybe next time.

It was already Sunday so Kotarō was heading out. His mother saw him leaving and ask where is he going. Kotarō lied to her saying that he is going to the Library to study. He went to the train station and get his ticket which was expensive. He went inside the train and then text Akane do their best. He arrived at his destination and went to meet with the publisher. His name was Takeshi Kitamura. He told Kotarō that he isn't skilled enough to be a literature and he wouldn't recommend them since it doesn't make a lot of money. Instead, he prefers Kotarō to try light novels while he is still young.

Kotarō then return home bringing some books he got. When he was going upstairs, his mother came out and was mad about him not telling her a publisher called him. His father try to calm her down but she is against it. In his room, he text Akane saying he missed her and she replied she miss him too. They both then meet at the library again and tell what happen. Turns out Akane didn't make it to prefectures and her time was terrible. Kotarō then told her that he didn't make it as well. They both said they will do harder next time since the promise it. Back at home, Kotarō continue writing while having Dazai's books next to him.

Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love

~ Main article: Episode 7 ~

Kotarō has been invited to Viva Doom City by Chinatsu with some other friends. Their ride was the Rollercoaster. Chinatsu wanted Kotarō to sit next to her. So Akane was sitting next to Hira instead. It appears that Kotarō isn't bothered with Rollercoaster rides which he didn't feel nervous at all. He can hear Akane behind her saying she is scared. The Rollercoaster then go down with a very high speed. After the ride was over, everyone went off. Akane felt very dizzy and Hira helped her up. Kotarō can see them and feel a little worried.

Kotarō sc 35

They then went to a toy store which sells a lot of stuff like hats and teddy bears. Kotarō wears one of the hats. Akane and Roman said it looks good on him and he should buy it. Kotarō disagrees with it since it is too expensive. Aira and Setsuko then called Akane to wear the same hat with Hira. they both then take a picture of them. Kotarō was also worried about this. Kaneko approach Kotarō asking where did Roman go. He disappears all of the sudden so Kotarō went to look for him. After a while, he still can't find Roman. Chinatsu then shows up showing their picture during the Rollercoaster rode. Kotarō was commenting his face in the picture. Chinatsu said it be a good souvenir even though her eyes were closed in the picture. Chinatsu then told Kotarō that it will be fine to call her by her first name since the boys does it too. She then say she will be calling Kotarō by his first name as well. Kotarō then try to call her Chinatsu and only manage saying China.. instead. Akane then show up all of the sudden and told them that the others are lining up for the next ride. Chinatsu then went on ahead. Kotarō can see that Akane was upset and leave without saying a word. Kotarō then try to catch up but received a text from Roman that he is in the First Aid.

Kotarō went to the First Aid instead and meet up with Roman. It appears that Roman got Heatstroke. The nurse then leave the room while telling them to be hydrated. Roman can see that Kotarō is upset because of something. He then guess is it because of Akane and are they dating? Kotarō was surprise by that which Roman can tell he was right. He had an idea for both of them to get lost in the park so they can be alone. Roman try to call Akane but then saw a text in the group chat they made. It appears that Akane is already lost with someone, which is Hira.

Kotarō then meet up with the Kaneko, Nagahara, Chinatsu, Aira, and Setsuko while asking where is Akane. They told him just to leave her alone with Hira since they are cute with each other. Kotarō then went out looking for them since he is worried something might happen between them that can ruin their relationship. He then found them at the bridge under the Rollercoaster. They where walking at the side and Kotarō couldn't say a word. He then increase his guts and approaches them manly. He calls out Akane's name and went straight for Hira. He then tell their secret that they are dating and should leave them both alone. Hira was silent for a few seconds. He then ask Akane if it was true. Akane nod her head while blushing. Kotarō then grab her hand and they both leave.

Kotarō and Akane were sitting alone silently. Kotarō then apologies what just happen there. Akane said it was already since it was the truth. They both smile at each other and then Kotarō said he was hungry. Akane was also hungry that he was about to get her phone and text where are the others. Kotarō then ask her that can they be alone for a little longer. Akane then say she will let the others know first. They went to the food count and buy some Takoyaki. This is their first time eating together. After lunch, they went to ride some rides, exploring and having fun until nighttime.

Ep 7 screenshot 6

They both went up some stairs when the fireworks has started. The fun is almost over and they both planned to go here again just the two of them. Kotarō then grab Akane's hand. They both then face each other slowly. They look at each other while blushing. Kotarō then move his head closer to Akane while Akane closed her eyes. They were about to kiss until a child show up saying they were kissing. Kotarō and Akane then stop while looking at the child. They look at each other and laugh. They then went home by Train together.

Vita Sexualis

~ Main article: Episode 8 ~

Kotarō was at practice. He then remembered all the moments he spent time with Akane back in Viva Doom City. Especially the part they both almost kissed. During his break, he text Akane if she wants to go home together tomorrow. She replied she can't since she has practice.

Daichi sc 11

The next day Kotarō went to his classroom. He went to his locker and see that the other students were staring at him. Roman then show up all of the sudden and kick Kotarō to Ogasawara where he grab him saying he is famous. During class, all of the students are giving their school holiday homework to their teacher. After Kotarō passed his and was returning to his seat. He see Akane at her desk. The other students were staring at them. Akane then blush and Kotarō walk away.

After class, Akane then leave to go to her club. Roman ask Kotarō if they are going home together. He told Roman that she have club today so they couldn't. Roman then told Kotarō just wait for her then since he is the Literature Club president. Kotarō leave the classroom right away and meet up with Akane outside the School. He told Akane that he has club too, so they are able to walk home together in the end. They both then meet up at the Library after their club was over. Before Akane arrived. He was practicing calling Akane by her first name. Akane then came in and they both had lunch together. Daisuke then text Kotarō if he is able to go to practice today. Akane then wanted to come with Kotarō so she can see him practice. Kotarō was a little embarrass to bring her since there will be more people knowing he have a girlfriend. But he said was it will be alright.

They both went to the Kagura Hall after school. Kotarō was talking to Daisuke with another person. The man then spot Akane standing there and ask who is she. Daisuke was about to say Kotarō's girlfriend but Kotarō covered his mouth before he finished. Kotarō give her a cushion for her to sit on. Kotarō then perform his dance at the middle of the hall. Akane is watching him and was stoned by his dance. Its like he is a whole different person. After the practice was over, Daisuke asked Akane how was it. She told him that it was wonderful and she loved it. Daisuke apologies to Kotarō for calling him here when they were together. He then told Kotarō that at the Hikawa Shrine have wind chimes now. The old man then approach Kotarō and give him 1000 yen. Kotarō refuse to take it but he insists Kotarō to take it. Daisuke said he will take care locking up so Kotarō can leave early.

Ep 8 screenshot 6

On the same day which is afternoon, Kotarō was waiting for Akane so they can go to the Shrine. Akane show up with her Yukata and it made Kotarō blush a little. She tied her hair and she is holding a small basket. They both then held off. They were eating some Imokoi and Kotarō told Akane it is Kawagoe's special food. Akane then saw a store which was selling the potato doll she have. She told Kotarō to hold one of them since it feels so nice. Kotarō grab on one of the dolls and say he want one(though he didn't buy it in the end). They went to another store which sells a lot of Japanese items. Akane look at some hair clips and say she likes one of the Japanese style. She put one on her hair and Kotarō said it suits her. They both came across some Fortunes for birthdays. Akane asked Kotarō when's his birthday, and it is August 7th. She was surprise with his answer since it already past. She was upset that they couldn't celebrate it together but Kotarō told her it is fine since it is during summer break and no one ever celebrate it. Akane then told Kotarō she will be going home for a moment and will meet up at the same store. Kotarō was curious why she was planning to go home so she left.

After a while, she came back. They both then went to the Shrine to see the wind chimes. Kotarō said he never went see any of this before even though he live at Kawagoe longer then Akane. They found out that they can write their wish on the chimes which cost 500 yen each. Kotarō pay for his and Akane's with the money that the old man gave him. They both started to write their wish. Kotarō asked Akane what is her wish but she didn't want to tell him since it is embarrassing. They continue their tour around the place one by one. After a while, Akane suddenly stop. It looks like Akane have injured her right foot. She sit down and ask Kotarō to wait for her while she is bandaging. She couldn't reach her foot so Kotarō help to bandage it for her. Akane say "Thank You" to Kotarō and he was about to get going again. However, Akane told him to wait. She took a small package from her basket and give it to Kotarō saying "Happy Birthday". Kotarō open the package and it turns out to be the potato doll they looked at before. It appears Akane didn't went home but she went to search for a birthday present for Kotarō.


First Kiss

They both then walk home together while talking about the potato doll. Kotarō said thanks to Akane while saying her first name. Akane was a little shock by that and Kotarō ask if he can call her that from now on. Akane told him sure and she will be calling him by his first name as well. They both then laugh together. When Kotarō open his eyes, he look at Akane's face. They both stood still and Akane is squeezing her potato doll (this shows that she is nervous). Kotarō then grab her hand slowly and stared at each other.. After a few moments, Kotarō bring his head closer to Akane and they both had their first kiss.

The next day Kotarō is at the library while squeezing the potato doll that Akane brought for him. There was a scene of the wind chimes with both of Kotarō's and Akane's wish. Even though they both don't know what each other wrote, it turns out they wish for the same thing which is "I wish for us to be together forever"

The Wind Rises

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During class, Kotarō was sitting at his desk thinking which high school he will be attending. Then during the afternoon, he went to take care Daisuke's bookstore since Daisuke was out. He invited Akane over so they can talk. When she arrived, they both sat at their usual spot in the store and have a chat. They were discussing which high school they will be going. It looks like they still don't know which school they will be going but Kotarō said he might be going to a public high school. Kotarō said he wants to go to the same high school as Akane so they will be together. Daisuke then arrives at the store and thank Kotarō for looking after it.

At Kotarō's house, he was looking at some Literature books and having some flashback on what Takeshi which is the publisher said about he isn't good with literature and should do novels instead. His mother then called him for dinner. During that moment, his mother asked Kotarō if he already choose a high school yet, and with Kotarō's face she take that as a no. She then said he isn't taking his future seriously since he barely studied. She try to convince her husband to give him advice but he refuse since they are still eating.

Kotarō then went to practice during that night. During the break, he looks down which Daisuke ask whats wrong. Kotarō ask him if he knows anything about light novels and have he read any. He answered yes and some of them were good. They are just the same a regular novels which some are good and some are bad. He then suggested Kotarō to read one if he is interested. On the same night, Kotarō was texting with Akane about her last Track meet. Kotarō asked her if he can come to watch her run but she denied it. She said she will be embarrassed. Kotarō said he won't come then and be cheering for her afar.

Ep 9 screenshot 5

The next day, Kotarō went on a bus heading to the stadium where Akane is at even though he said he wouldn't come. He came across sellers who are selling books which contain all the programs and participate in the track. Kotarō bought one and look for Akane's name. Akane text Kotarō she will be running soon, so Kotarō replied run like she is mad and have fun. Kotarō went to sit at the furthest sit which was near the finished line so he can she Akane crossing it. At the same time he will try to hide himself so Akane wouldn't notice him. He can see Akane with the other runners getting ready to run. The runners started to run including Akane. Kotarō look carefully at Akane while she was running. She was the first to reach the finished line and she reach a new personal record! Kotarō then went down and see Akane with her friends at a distance. He was happy for her and left the stadium before she could notice he was here.

Back at home, he was googling on his phone until his father came in with his permission. He sit down on Kotarō's bed with him. He then tell Kotarō that he doesn't have to choose a good high school. Just do what he needs to and what love. He then left the room while saying goodnight. He then text Akane and wanted to apologie because he went to watch her run today. She said it's fine but it was a surprise. She said she have something to tell him too. She then text him saying that she might be moving to Chib..

The Setting Sun

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Kotarō read Akane's message about moving to Chiba. Kotarō call Akane right away and ask if she is really moving. It appears she is, and she is going to a private high school called Koumei. One night at Kotarō's cram school, he was looking at some of the books and went to one of the teachers and requested something.

Ep 10 screenshot 2

On a different night at Kotarō's cram school as well. He left the building after his lesson was over and meet up with Akane outside since she is studying there too. They went to talk at a fence near the train tracks and talk about the LINE message they had that time. Kotarō said they both will be fine even at a long distance, although Kotarō wanted to go to Koumei if he can. They both then walk home.

During the festival day which have finally arrived. Kotarō and the other members are preparing their floats. They pull it to the road, sing the song and pull the float which Kotarō was on it. Kotarō was performing his dance to the crowd till nighttime. They have their break before they perform it again later. Kotarō was with Daisuke in a tent. While they were resting, Daisuke then told Kotarō he should not take light novels and just do what he did before. He then let Kotarō have some fun at the festival.

Kotarō text Akane asking her where is she since she is at the festival as well. She replied she is with the Track club. Kotarō will meet up with her when he is near. After a while he finally found Akane. However, she was with another person alone and it was Hira. He was hearing their conversation which Hira have confessed to her. Akane reject him which makes Hira more curious why she is dating with Kotarō. They both know each other way longer then Kotarō and he finds it unfair because of that. Akane then explain that Hira is just an important friend and that is all. Kotarō left their place and text Akane to meet him at Toki no Kane.

He meet up with Akane but this time with a different personality. They both walk together at the festival. Kotarō is looking a little grumpy, not because of Akane but because of someone else. Kotarō was planning to have some Imokoi with Akane but she was full. So Kotarō brought one only for himself. They both were standing at the side while Kotarō was eating. Then one of his groups meet up with him and ask if the girl next to him is his girlfriend. Kotarō told them it is nothing like that which makes Akane a little surprise. They continue to walk around the festival. Kotarō then brought some Takoyaki and eating it near a vending machine. When he was eating, Akane told him that Hira confess to her but she reject him. Kotarō eats his food a little more faster which makes him chock a little. Akane try to get him some tea but he told her not too. He then left saying he needs to go. Kotarō was walking in the crowd. He try to look back at Akane but couldn't see her with all the people in the way. He went back to his float and perform his dance again. Back at home he tried to text Akane but was still frustrated that he punch his light switch which accidentally closes his lights.

Kissing 2

Akane kissing Kotarō

In school they barely talk to each other. Kotarō went to the Library and was looking at some information about Koumei high school. He look at his Potato Doll and squeezing it. This increase his mood and he started to study. At cram school he was studying even harder even though he doesn't often do it. After his lesson, he was heading home until Akane ran pass and stop right in front of him. They both went to a bridge since Akane wanted to ask something. She found a book for Koumei high school which has been requested by someone. She asked Kotarō if it was him. He then said sentence by sentence he wants to apply there, he haven't told his parents about this yet even though he know they will probably won't accept, but he will try to convince them. He continue saying he was thinking about his future and he wanted to have it with her. Akane then hug Kotarō with tears saying she is relieve since she thought he hated her now. Kotarō told her that isn't true. Akane look at Kotarō and kiss him right away. They both were blushing but in the end, everything went back to normal.

An Encouragement of Learning

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Kotarō was in his room reading some of the information about Koumei High School. To fulfill his promise with Akane, he have started to study really hard which he even stay up late.

At School, Kotarō and his mother went to his classroom to meet with Ryōko-sensei for the parent-teacher meeting. Kotarō's mother was telling Ryōko-sensei all about her son which he wouldn't listen to her. She then told her that they prefer him to go to a public high school. Kotarō then spoke to them he doesn't want a public high school but a private high school like Koumei. Ryōko-sensei then look at her papers and say "Isn't that the same as Mizuno?". Kotarō's mother was shocked and angry by that and asks a lot of questions. Ryōko-sensei tried to calm her down but couldn't manage too.

Ep 11 screenshot 2

Back at home Kotarō and his parents were sitting down at the kitchen table to discuss about the situation. His mother was telling him to stop about going there since this is for his future. His father ask him why does he want to go to Koumei instead schools at Kawagoe. Kotarō couldn't answer that question until his mother said is it because some girl is going there. Kotarō then froze and his father was shock. His mother continue talking at Kotarō which makes him frustrated that he even said "Shut Up" on accident. His father then yelled at him and Kotarō apologies. His father tried to calm the situation but end up arguing with his wife. Kotarō then stood up and went to his room right away.

He was laying on his bed in the dark. He took out his phone and text Akane if she is awake. She is awake and she was studying for the exam. Kotarō tried to tell her that he had a fight with his parents but decided not too. He change his sentence by telling her that he was about to study.

After cram school he went back to his house. He doesn't have to practice anymore because the festival was over. He went in inside and his mother told him to have diner. Kotarō said he doesn't want to and went straight to studying in his room. His mother was worried that he might be hungry so she bring the food upstairs. The food was next to him and he try to ignore it, but couldn't resists but to eat it.

Kotaro, Roman and Daichi 5

He went to school, went to his classroom and saw a lot of his classmates were whispering while looking at him. Roman show up and telling that he is awesome that he will be going to the same school as Akane. Ogasawara tell him that people are talking about him. Kotarō can see Akane with Aira and Setsuko talking about the same thing and telling her to marry with Kotarō already. She look at Kotarō blushing and turn away. Roman and Ogasawara stare at Kotarō and chock him with jealousy. Ogasawara tell Kotarō he will never get into Koumei since he needs to get a standard score over 60.

At cram school again, his teacher give Kotarō's results to him. Kotarō wasn't happy with what he got. He left his classroom with Chinatsu. Even she knows that he wants to go to Koumei but she will be going to a public high school instead. He then went to Daisuke's bookstore. He was discussing his problems with him and saying he might not even get to Koumei at all. Daisuke told him to clear his mind and try to talk with his parents again after things settle down a little more. He went home and again went upstairs right away to study. He then received a text message from Akane if they can spend time for Christmas tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

Akane giving her present.

The next day Kotarō went outside to look for a Christmas present for Akane. He tried to look at things what a man would give to his lover but most of them are expensive. He then found a pink handkerchief. He meet up with Akane at a bridge and they held out. They both sat on some stairs next to a small river. They both were silent for awhile and when they try to speak they cross each other words. Akane apologies since he was studying but Kotarō apologies for her studies too. Akane then bring out her beg next to her and said "Merry Christmas". Kotarō was happy and he take out his present for her too. Akane open it up and it was the pink handkerchief which Kotarō was looking at earlier. She thanks him and Kotarō open up his present. It was a blue scarf which she knit it herself. Kotarō was really amazed that he wear it right away. However, the scarf Akane knit was too long. Akane was worried because of that but Kotarō said it is alright while thanking her.

They both continue their walk. Kotarō was telling her that his parents are against it and his grades are still bad. Akane said that having parents support is important. She explain that her parents always support and keep encouraging her. They both spend time at the Shrine where they went during Episode 8. Before they went back home, they stop at a street and kiss. This shows that their relationship is much deeper than before.

At cram school, Kotarō was at his classroom while Akane was waiting for her results. Kotarō couldn't focus on studying so he went outside. He look very worried and after awhile Akane text him saying that she passed! Kotarō was so happy and Chinatsu which was beside him was cheering for joy. She then told Kotarō that he can do it too.

At home in the morning, he went down to have some breakfast. He was so sleepy since he stays up late. His father then tell him that he can go to Koumei if he passed his exam. However if he fail, he have to go to a municipal high school. They both then make the deal. He then told Kotarō his mother been called by Ryōko-sensei saying he shouldn't go to Koumei because his grades. However, she fought back saying she wants to give him a chance since he is trying hard.

Ep 11 screenshot 6

During the night, Kotarō was in his room. He was trying to study but couldn't focus with what his father told him about his mother. He then went down and show his mother was cooking some rice balls. She saw Kotarō and told him to sit down and eat. She told him try to get more rest while pouring him some Tea. Kotarō then eat the rice balls she make and feel a lot better.During the exam day, Kotarō's parents was preparing for his ride and snacks. Kotarō said thank you to his mother and head off to fulfill his promise.

And Then

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The results are finally out and it seems Kotarō isn't one of the accepted people to go to Koumei. He went to meet up with Akane near the river and apologizing for not making it. Akane said its fine since he was trying his best for her. With Kotarō's results, he will be going to school at Kawagoe instead. Kotarō went to Daisuke's bookstore and tell him what happen. Daisuke then told Kotarō to write if it can make him feel better.

Kotarō went to his new high school to see if he been accepted or not. He look at the board of candidates and look for he's (1076). He found it and he texted Akane right away that he got in. Chinatsu then show up and ask if he got in which he did. She was so happy that she even jumped. They both walk home together talking about their high school. They then stop at a bridge and Chinatsu ask him what will he do with Akane after this. Kotarō spoke they will keep dating like usual. Chinatsu then wanted to tell Kotarō something for a really long time. The wind was blowing and Chinatsu was standing still staring at Kotarō. She then confess her feelings that she always liked him and straight away hug Kotarō. Kotarō was standing still and froze a little bit. He apologize to Chinatsu which means he rejected her. Chinatsu let go of him and was glad that she was able to confess even though she got rejected. She then leave Kotarō while saying see him at school.


During the night Kotarō was writing a story, and the day after that he was at his classroom for their graduation. He was called by Aira to take a photo with Akane. They took their picture with a sticker on their face. Kotarō went back and Roman and Ogasawara put their shoulder on his back saying he doesn't look good in that photo with his droopy eyes. Kotarō explain it is because he was writing all night. They both ask him what it was but Kotarō wouldn't say it. Roman then suggested him to post it online. Kotarō then search the website Roman was talking about during the afternoon, and he decided to post his story.

Ep 12 screenshot 4

Kotarō and Akane met up since they already plan it. They spent their time till afternoon. They were talking about Akane's move since it will be tomorrow. Kotarō was planning to visit her every week. He will find a part time job so he will earn money to pay for the train fare. He even want to take the first train so they can have more time to stay with each other. Akane also want to find a job but Kotarō told her just stick with her club. He will be just fine doing the work for them. Akane then yell it is not fine at him. She ask Kotarō a question if Chinastsu really did confess to him. Kotarō was worried but he say yes. Akane then ask him why he didn't tell her that. She then started crying. Kotarō try to ask her whats wrong but even she doesn't know herself. She then say she gets anxious. So anxious that she thought she is causing trouble for Kotarō and it really hurts her. Kotarō don't know what to say and then Akane ran up to him and kiss him. She then run away. With this she decided to break up with him without even saying it.

Kotarō was at home laying on his bed. He tried to text Akane but don't know what to say. The next day, Kotarō was in the living room squeezing his potato doll. He went up to his room and finishing his story he was writing for a while. The story was about his and Akane's love life and how they spent time together. He then post it online again with "The End" as his title. He went to practice with Daisuke during the afternoon. Even Daisuke knows about his story and say it is very popular. He lends his phone to Kotarō so he can see all the comments. He was reading the one which he post it this morning. With a surprise he found an unexpected person to comment his story and it was Akane! She was asking what happens next? This shows she still haven't broke up with him yet and want to continue their future together.

Kotarō sc 54

Kotarō ran outside and heading to the train station. He received a text message from Chinatsu saying already went through the gate and really wished to see him. Kotarō change his destination where he can see Akane. Kotarō keeps on running and running. He stop for a little and see if he get any LINE message which he didn't get any. He continue running until he reach where he wanted. He reach the bridge which Akane's train will be passing. Kotarō stop, look at the train and yell "I love you!" as it passed by. Akane was his first love. She is the reason how knows how to hold hands and how to kiss. As well to think someone he loved would love him back, it feels like a miracle..

Ending credits: At the end of the last episode, there are scenes which show Kotarō and Akane still contacting each other even though they are far away from each other. The contact name they put for each other also gradually change from boyfriend to husband. At one of the scene, Kotarō visited Akane's new house and even went on a vacation together. At the end of the last few scenes, it also shows Kotarō taking picture of Akane in a wedding dress. Which means they got married in the end. And at the last scene, it shows Akane holding a baby, beside her was Kotarō and both of their family members.


Akane Mizuno

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Before Kotarō starts to date with Akane, he was very shy and nervous every time they are near or sees each other. When they are finally in a relationship, they both slowly started acting like a cute couple. Kotarō was the first one who made 'the move' regarding holding hands and kissing.

He gets jealous and worried if Akane is hanging out alone with Hira because he knows that Hira has a crush on Akane. Both Akane and Kotarō's relationship starting to grow even deeper that Kotarō have decided to go to Akane's high school.

Roman Yamashina

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Roman is one of Kotarō's best friends. He doesn't like Roman hugging him and gets really annoyed by it. However, he is a kind person to Kotarō, and helps him with his relationship with Akane.

Daichi Ogasawara

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Daichi is also one of Kotarō's best friends. Like Roman, he finds it doesn't like when Daichi does something annoying to him like surprise attacking him.

Chinatsu Nishio

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Kotarō treats Chinatsu as a normal friend. He doesn't realize she has a crush on him until she confessed. Though after he knew about Chinatsu's feelings, he rejected her and they ended up being normal friends again.

Daisuke Tachibana

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Daisuke is one of Kotarō during his practice. Kotarō sometimes asks for advice from him about stories, novels and about writing in general. Kotarō also went to his bookstore sometimes.




  • Kotarō was given a nickname called Curly-kun by Akane.
  • Kotarō doesn't like sport events. Instead, he likes writing more.