Kokoro (こころ(こころ), Kokoro?) is the fifth episode of the Tsuki ga Kirei anime series.


Akane and Kotarō want to spend more time together at school, but they can never seem to find the time or space. Chinatsu, meanwhile, seems to have no trouble finding ways to hang out with him.




Aira shares her problem with Sho at her class with Akane, Miu and Setsuko. Kotaro and Akane met each other in class but are still embarrassed to communicate with one another. Despite this, Akane and Kotaro have started dating secretly but with challenges at school from their schoolmates. Knowing that Kotaro scores poorly in his mid-term exam, Ryoko-sensei sometime later called Kotaro to come over to the office tell him that she is concern of his studies and gave him some advice on improving it. Chinatsu met Kotaro outside the staff office, telling him she faces some difficulties in her studies too, implying she also scores average like him. During the athletics training, Takumi Hira gave Akane, Chinatsu and Aoi a pre-athletics meet training plan deemed to be tough. While during a neighbourhood temple ritual dance practice, Kotaro asks Daisuke about love and relationships. Akane and Kotaro did research about dating at night, later they texted each other messages agreed meet each other during lunch break at high school library. Akane met Kotaro at the library only to find out that Chinatsu is there with him. Akane performed poorly on her athletics training that evening, so Takumi brought her to the neighbourhood park to encourage her to be determined. That night, Chinatsu asked Kotaro for his ID as they walked home after tuition. The next day evening, Akane date Kotaro at the bookstore to share their inner feelings and personal issues recently when Chinatsu texted Akane that she had a crush on Kotaro.

Ending LINE Chat

Ep 5 ending 1

Me: Hey
Boyfriend: Yeah
Me: If I got a job
Me: And they sent me to another city
Me: How would you feel?
Boyfriend: Huh?
Me: No, just kidding
Boyfriend: Fine
Me: *Shocked sticker*
Me: Huh?
Boyfriend: Made a mistake
Me: Nononono
Boyfriend: Nononono
Boyfriend: I was just trying to ask
Boyfriend: Fine, but is it going to be really far?
Me: Nah
Boyfriend: No?
Me: No what?
Boyfriend: Job offer
Me: Of course not
Boyfriend: Of course


The title of the episode Kokoro (こゝろ(こころ), Kokoro?) is a novel by Natsume Sōseki that was first serialized in 1914. Even though the title's literal meaning is "heart", it contains different meaning and interpretations such as "the heart of things" or "feeling". 


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