"Passing Shower" (通り雨(とうりあめ)) is the fourth episode of the Tsuki ga Kirei anime series.


Things get awkward between Kotarō and Akane after he asks her out. He tries to find some time alone with her on the school trip, but sneaking his cell phone past the teachers proves to be a challenge.




Sometime later, Daisan Middle School organized a school trip to Kyoto. That morning, the third-years students gathered at the high-speed railway station with their two escorting teachers, a male teacher and Ryōko Sonoda. Before the departure, the two escort teachers conducted a luggage check and confiscated the participating students for their prohibiting items consist of mostly Entertainment magazines and mobile phones. Miu's mobile phone is found hidden in her purse by Ryōko and was among those items that were confiscated. Once reaching Kyoto, Akane and Chinatsu visited a souvenir shop beside the landmark shrine to choose gifts for the Track and Field club. That night during sleep time, the escort teachers including Ryoko patrolling around the chalet to make sure the students were asleep. When Ryoko left Akane's room after patrolling, Akane and her classmates awoke and had girls talk. The boys visited the girls' room when Kotarō chats with Akane using his mobile phone. Once finished playing phone game, Roman and Daichi snatched Kotarō's phone trying to see things inside his phone but is snatched back by Kotarō. Kotarō then went out of his room and continue chating with Akane, but the male escort teacher walks towards Kotarō from behind, saw his phone and confiscated his mobile phone rendered him unable to communicate Akane anymore. The next day, Akane did not see any reply from Kotarō when she is out with Aira and Miu, wondering what went wrong with Kotarō. Meanwhile, Kotarō is searching for Akane but cannot find her, so he lends Chinatsu's mobile phone and called Akane to meet him at a small shrine. At the small shrine beneath the tree, Akane asks Kotarō why didn't reply her message, which he answers his phone was confiscated and Akane tells Kotarō that she wants to talk more with him.

Ending LINE Chat

Ep 4 ending 1

Me: I fixed it with my mother
Me: Told her I was going traveling with friends
Me: Think she bought it
Girlfriend: Will it be okay?
Me: Should be
Girlfriend: My mum was nice
Girlfriend: She offered to help us
Me: Really?
Girlfriend: Yeah
Girlfriend: She says she’ll handle my dad
Girlfriend: She can make him believe her
Me: Wow
Me: If MY mother found out
Me: She’d give us hell
Me: We absolutely can’t let her know
Girlfriend: What, she think you’re a girl?
Me: *Laughing sticker*


Different to other episode's titles that are books, the title of this episode has its name based on a song.


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