"And Then" (それから, Sorekara?) is the final episode of the Tsuki ga Kirei anime series.


Akane's moving out is fast approaching. Although it has been decided, they knew that they will be longing for each other as there'll be long distance love for the two of them. Akane has been crying continuously during the move, and Kotarō messages his feelings into sentences. The day after the graduation ceremony, they have their last date before the move. The feelings of the two should be the same even passing each other.



Ending LINE Chat

Chat 1 (Episode 10)

Chat 1

Me: Not going to sleep?
Honey: You aren’t
Me: I don’t want to
Honey: Same
Me: Hahaha
Honey: Hahaha
Me: I get my pay next week
Me: I finally get to see you
Honey: *It’s a joy*

Chat 2 (Episode 8)

Chat 2

Me: I’m sorry about yesterday
Me: I went too far as well
Me: But really
Me: In the end
Me: I love you more
Darling: No I love you more
Me: God!
Me: Are you trying to start this again?!
Me: That’s it! I hate you!

Chat 3 (Episode 11)

Chat 3

Benippo: I didn’t think she’d come back
Benippo: Not so soon
Benippo: I thought she’d leave us alone
Benippo: I did make sure tell her we had to revise
Me: But, my notebook
Me: It was empty
Benippo: *Ah-ha*
Me: She might have suspected something
Benippo: Well. Yes XD

Chat 4 (Episode 9)

Chat 4

Bae: Are you really okay?
Me: Yeah, I took some medicine
Me: I might have pushed myself too much in club
Me: Sorry for making you worry
Bae: No
Bae: I should be the one saying sorry
Me: Why?
Bae: Because you’re sick
Bae: And I can’t do anything for you

Chat 5 (Episode 1)

Chat 5

Boyfriend: Did you go?
Me: Yeah…
Boyfriend: Why!!
Me: It’s perfectly fine
Me: They call it a drinking party, but it’s just a hangout for people in the same lectrue
Boyfriend: Lectrue
Me: Lecture
Me: It’s not what you think it is
Boyfriend: But still

Chat 6 (Episode 3)

Chat 6

Me: You still aren’t back home?
Me: Ever since you joined your club
Me: You haven’t spoken to me much
Me: I’m worried
Me: Sigh
Girlfriend: Sorry, I’m heading back now!
Girlfriend: Had to catch the last train
Girlfriend: You’re already sleeping, right?
Girlfriend: *Crying sticker: “I’m sorry!”*
Girlfriend: Goodnight…😭

Chat 7 (Episode 4)

Chat 7

Me: I fixed it with my mother
Me: Told her I was going travelling with friends
Me: Think she bought it
Girlfriend: Will it be okay?
Me: Should be
Girlfriend: My mum was nice
Girlfriend: She offered to help us
Me: Really?
Girlfriend: Yeah
Girlfriend: She says she’ll handle my dad
Girlfriend: She can make him believe her
Me: Wow

Chat 8 (Episode 8)

Chat 8

Me: I’m sorry about yesterday
Me: I went too far as well
Me: But really
Me: In the end
Me: I love you more
Darling: No I love you more
Me: God!
Me: Are you trying to start this again?!
Me: That’s it! I hate you!

Chat 9 (Episode 5)

Chat 9

Me: Hey
Boyfriend: Yeah
Me: If I got a job
Me: And they sent me to another city
Me: How would you feel?
Boyfriend: Huh?
Me: No, just kidding
Boyfriend: Fine
Me: *Shocked sticker*

Chat 10 (Episode 2)

Chat 10

Wife: He seemed happy
Me: Phew
Me: When it was just us drinking
Me: Your dad, he
Wife: Yes
Me: He cried a bit
Wife: Really??
Me: “My beautiful daughter” he said
Wife: *Crying sticker*

Chat 11 (Episode 7)

Chat 11

Me: You’re late!!
Husband: I had to work overtime
Me: We have guests today
Me: I wish you’d check the calendar earlier
Husband: I’m sorry
Me: Not going to cut it
Husband: I’ll buy you ice cream
Me: Nope
Husband: Soda


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