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Daisuke Tachibana
Daisuke Tachibana design
Kanji 立花大輔
Rōmaji Tachibana Daisuke
Character Information
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Affiliation Book Store
Occupation Book Seller
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Mutsuki Iwanaka
English Ian Sinclair

Daisuke Tachibana is a book shop owner whom Kotarō always meets up with. They both went practice at the shrine together for the festival.


Tachibana has black eyes and black hair. He usually wears random cloths either at his book store or during practice. He wears black glasses.


He is very kind to others. Whenever someone needs some help or advice, he will always be glad to help them. He knows a lot of books since he runs a book store. He respects his elders and help the youths.


Spring and Hard Times

~ Main article: Episode 1 ~

His first appearance was at his bookstore when Kotarō came to visit him. When Kotarō brought one of his books, he kindly give him another one for free.

Howling at the Moon

~ Main article: Episode 1 ~

Daisuke is one of the people who teach people like Kotarō for the upcoming festival. When the lesson was over, he wave good bye to everyone including Kotarō. He then see him meet with a girl from a distance.


~ Main article: Episode 5 ~

Daisuke found out of Kotarō's relationship with a girl name Akane. Kotarō explain to him its not going well for them since its hard to talk alone. Daisuke then had a idea for letting them talk in his bookstore while he went out for awhile.

Vita Sexualis

~ Main article: Episode 8 ~

Daisuke texted Kotarō to come for practice. Kotarō did came but he brings someone else which is his girlfriend. He bring her since she wanted to see how they practice. After practice was over, Daisuke ask Akane how was it. She said she love it since she never seen it before. Daisuke apologies to Kotarō if he interrupting them.

The Setting Sun

~ Main article: Episode 10 ~

Its already the Kawagoe festival. Daisuke and Kotarō will be dancing on floats until nighttime.

An Encouragement of Learning

~ Main article: Episode 11 ~

Kotarō had a fight with his parents since he wanted to go to Koumei since Akane will be going there. Daisuke give him some advice to let things settle by speaking with them more.


Kotarō Azumi

~ Main article: Kotarō Azumi ~

Kotarō is one of his regulars who came to buy books from his bookstore. they both also went practice for the upcoming festival together.


  • Daisuke is one of the characters who haven't got a role in the shorts.
  • Daisuke's bookstore exist in real life but its a Japanese confectionery shop instead.