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Akane Mizuno
Akane Mizuno design
Kanji 水野 茜
Rōmaji Mizuno Akane
Character Information
Age 14
Birthday 25 January
Gender Female
Relatives Hiroshi Mizuno (Father)
Saori Mizuno (Mother)
Ayane Mizuno (Sister)
Kotarō Azumi (Boyfriend/Husband)
Unnamed Child
School Daisan Middle School (Middle School)
Koumei Private High School (High School)
Class 3-1
Occupation Student
Club Track and Field
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Konomi Kohara
English Apphia Yu

Akane Mizuno (水野 茜(みずの あかね), Mizuno Akane?) is a student of Class 3-1 who belongs to the track and field club and the main character of Tsuki ga Kirei.


Akane has brown eyes, black hair and a fair complexion. She maintains a common hairstyle that is fairly common within the campus.

Her outfit resembles the standard Japanese Uniform for females. Based on the ending sequence, the style of the outfit changes throughout the seasons. She usually goes for T-shirts and shorts for her home wear, a blue tracksuit with her school's name and her identification in the back for her training gear, and proper sports wear for competition.


While seemingly outgoing and active, Akane is very shy with crowds of people and easily gets nervous with the people around her. To defeat her nervousness, she uses a purple potato doll which she scratches to release her stress. While seemingly a minor tactic that shows little value, once when she lost it, she's shown to be very vulnerable and tends to become clumsier if overwhelmed with stress. She is very shy but is open to her close friends. She shares a good relationship with her sister which they get into teasing quite often with one another.

A trait that she shares with Kotarō is their fear of face-to-face conversations due to their introverted sides. Yet her determination to overcome her shyness for her passion proves attractive and inspirational to the shy teenager.


Spring and Hard Times

~ Main article: Episode 1 ~

Akane is at school with Chinatsu and Aoi looking at the board of classes for their names. Turns out the three of them will be in different classes. The three of them were discussing about the situation. Then Akane saw a student she had never seen before behind them, playing with his other friends.

Akane sc 3

Akane listening to the teacher's speech

Like the other students, she was in the school listening to the teacher's speech. She was heading towards her classroom, but decided to go to the restroom instead. In there, she was squeezing a pink doll. By squeezing it, Akane's shyness decreased. She then went to her classroom. When she arrived, she took a peek at the first door behind the classroom. It turned out there weren't any familiar faces she knew. She then went to the second door which was in front of the class. She looked around when someone called her name. The person's name was Aira and they both were in the same third grade class. Akane approaches Aira who is with her other friends in the classroom. They then have a fun conversation together.

During the club lesson, Akane is with Chinatsu and Aoi and went to another school board looking at the "Track and Field" section which they are joining. They also hope to get more members. They then went to the field for their club. During the club, they were practicing their speed at running. When school was over, Akane went back home alone. She lives in an apartment with her family. When she arrived at home, her sister told her that they will be eating out. Akane was excited that she will take her bath quick.

They went to a cafe, take their seat and look at the menu. Akane ordered mixed grill, mini-ramen and even desert. Her sister told her she is ordering too much and will get fat but Akane said that she runs often, so she won't. Her mother doesn't mind what she is ordering since Akane is working very hard for her club. Akane then turn to her left and saw a person at another table looking at her and turns away. Akane recognizes him from somewhere and she then remembers it was that same person she saw on the school board! He is also her classmate. Akane turn away as well and facing in front trying to ignore him. She is afraid that her family would do something to embarrass her. Which they are doing right now like her father wanted to get the beer and her mother wants Akane to ordered her more food. To prevent her to get even more embarrass, she went to the drink bar to get a drink.


Meeting at the Drink Bar.

She went to the drink bar and didn't notice Kotarō which is her classmate was there too. They both stared at each other without saying anything. Kotarō then went to the soda machine while Akane went to get some glasses. Akane waited for Kotarō to finish getting his drink but she went to the other side to get Iced Coffee instead. Akane then went to the soda machine and about to get her drinks until her parents call out to her to get them some as well. Kotarō then left the drink bar and headed to his table. Ayane which is Akane's sister came to help to carry the drinks. At the same time she ask if Akane knows that boy since he just bow to her. Akane told her that he is just her classmate.

Akane went back to her table after her sister. With a huge surprise she saw her mother was talking with Kotarō's parents saying he is her classmate. Her father also introduce himself while holding out his beer to them. This makes Akane more embarrass. When the food have arrived, Akane was too shy to eat them since she ordered a lot. Her sister was trying to embarrass her even more. After the meal, they paid their food and say farewell to Kotarō's parents. Before Akane go, she wanted to tell Kotarō something. She approach him and wanted him do not tell anyone about this since it was embarrassing. Kotarō nod his head and Akane say thank you and leave.

At school they often notice each other but still didn't say anything. One day, there Akane was one of the selected people to help the Equipment group for the upcoming school sport event. The Equipment group people then gather at a room. A student name Hira will be telling all the members what they will be doing. While listening to Hira, Akane can see Kotarō was across her. She also notice that his hair is curling up.

After the meet, Akane was asked to create a LINE group chat for the Equipment members. During the night, Akane finished adding all the members in group chat except Kotarō. Then there is an important message to the members to meet up at the gym storage on April 14th. At the classroom, Akane was with her friends having a conversation which is near Kotarō's table. Akane try to take the opportunity to ask his LINE ID. She was also squeezing her potato doll to calm her down. Kotarō then notice that Akane was looking at him. They both shocked and don't know what to say. Miu call out Akane if she wanted to go to the restroom. She said yes and went out.


Akane removing dust on Kotarō's back

When Akane was going downstairs to head for her club. She then saw a teacher was mad at Kotarō for not coming to the gym storage during April 14th. That is when Akane remembered she forgot to ask his LINE ID. She then chase after him which he was heading to the gym storage. she went in and can see Kotarō was trying to bring the scoreboard outside. Akane is squeezing her doll and trying to increase her courage. She then calls out Kotarō which surprise him. Akane apologize to him since she forgot to add him to the group. She explains that there is a LINE group chat for the Equipment group. She then asked him for his LINE ID. Kotarō said he doesn't have his phone right now. So Akane decided to give him her's. After that was settled, she wanted to help Kotarō since she feels bad. She will contact her club before she do. They both leave the store and when Kotarō was dragging the scoreboard. He caught some dust behind his back. Akane helps him get rid of it.

When they were done, it was already afternoon. Akane apologize one more time. She then leave with saying bye to Kotarō. During the night, Kotarō joined the group saying he is looking forward to work with them. Akane replied she is looking forward for it. Ayane which is behind Akane ask if he is her boyfriend. Akane said right away saying no while hiding her phone. Her sister then leave while humming with laughter. Akane went to her sister's phone and take multiple screenshots as a punishment.

A Handful of Sand

~ Main article: Episode 2 ~

Today is the school festival. Akane is preparing for her race. She is in the Red Team with her classmates so she can't afford to lose. The racers where waiting for the gunshot, and when it shot. The runners started running as fast they could go. Akane ran twice as faster then all of them which lead her to victory.

After the race, she have Equipment duty. She then have a conversation with Hira who is in the Yellow Team. They were talking what would happen if their team won. The team who won will get a free juice.

Akane then went back to her classmates waiting for the "Boys 200-meter sprint". They were wondering who will run for the Red Team. Akane then see it will be Kotarō. She can hear from the others saying he isn't a fast runner. Akane watch Kotarō's race carefully which he be racing with Hira. The racers started running. Hira passed Kotarō by a second. Kotarō tried to keep up but another racer passed him and he tripped and hurt his hand. With that Kotarō was the last to finished and give Red Team their loss. Hira however, cross the finish line first. He then look at Akane and showing her that he made it without a sweat. All Akane's classmates then look at her and saying they both should go out together.

Ep 2 screenshot 2

During the break, Akane's parents is supplying Akane foods to eat. She was also very hungry which makes her enjoy the foods even more. Her father said she won't be able to run if she eat too much but Akane told him she have one event left which is the Team Relays. Her father then wanted to record her run later with his camera, but Akane said he will embarrass her later. Her mother then told him he is pressuring Akane and need to stop.

Akane was near the school building squeezing her potato doll. Hira then call her to come inside for the Equipment duty. Hira then explain to the group on what they will be doing next. He asked Akane for the programs for the school event. Akane took it out for him in her pocket. But without even noticing, her potato doll slip out as well. Akane job was to prepare the papers for the Third-years Scavenger Hunt. Hira show up and returning the programs he borrowed from Akane. She return it to her pocket and realized her potato doll is gone! She then started to look for it. Chinatsu and Aoi came in and ask Akane if she is doll inserting the papers. Without even knowing what they ask she said yes. Chinatsu and Aoi then bring the Third-years boxes outside. She search and search everywhere but then she heard Hira shouting where is the paper for the Third-years. Akane then heard his voice, came out and pointed at the files she left. Kotarō grab the file and bring it outside with Hira and Akane. He then distributes it to the participants and later inserts the rest in the boxes.

Later, Akane ask Chinatsu and Aoi if they seen her potato doll which they don't. Akane's next even will be up and she still couldn't find her doll. Akane was on the field with waiting for her teammate pass her the baton. She grabs the baton but accidentally dropped it! With her carelessness, the Red Team suffer their loss by finishing last. When the event was over, Nagahara teases Akane saying she screwed up there. Aira, Setsuko and Miu however defended her saying it isn't her fault. During the afternoon, Akane was putting all the items been used into boxes. Hira then showed up saying that Chinatsu and Aoi wanted him to talk to her. He then tried to cheer her up saying it wasn't a Track meet and she can make it to prefectures if she tried hard enough. He believe she can do it and leaves right away. However, Akane was still depressed.

Your special item

When Akane was going upstairs, she can hear girls in the restroom laughing about her dropping the baton. What makes it worse it sound like it was Aira, Setsuko and Miu in there. Akane tried to ignore it and went to her classroom to get her beg. She packed her beg and was ready to leave but Kotarō then came in and looks exhausted. He came up to Akane and ask her if this belongs to her while pointing out her pink doll. Akane mood then change as she went to get her doll from Kotarō. He said he found it in the storage room. Akane was relieved to get her doll back. she then explain it to Kotarō that she gets nervous without it and she even messed up today which makes her hopeless. Kotarō then told her she isn't. He slowly say that she isn't hopeless and she is fine the way she is. Akane was really happy what he told her. They both then leave the school together and head home.

During the night, Akane text Kotarō saying thanks for today. Kotarō replied good work and good job with a sticker which makes Akane laugh. They then continue their fun conversation together.

Howling at the Moon

~ Main article: Episode 3 ~

After the exam test, Akane was invited by Aira, Setsuko and Miu to go shopping for the school trip. But Akane said he couldn't since she have club today.

During one night, Kotarō text Akane asking if she is studying for the exam which she answered yes. Kotarō then told her that something happen today which makes him feel a little frustrated and its probably because of club stuff. Kotarō ask her what does she do when she couldn't make things work. akane replied saying he is fine the way he is. Like how Kotarō said it back at the school. They then continue their conversation.

Ep 3 screenshot 2

Next day at school which was after the exam test, Akane went to her locker to get her beg. She then heard Kotarō who was talking to Roman and Ogasawara. Kotarō notice Akane is looking at him. They both didn't say anything since they are still not used to face-to-face conversation yet. Akane then leave the classroom. Akane was with Chinatsu and Aoi heading to their club. Chinastu ask permission to throw her rubbish before they go. When she was heading to the rubbish bin, she then saw someone at a far distance and yelled out his name. "Hey, Curly-kun!" is what she yelled. Turns out it was Kotarō she was calling out for! Kotarō didn't answer back and walk away. Chinatsu explain that they both are friends now since Akane told her that he is cool.

The three of them were at the club and they started training like leaping and running. During their break time, they were talking about everyone is getting really hooked up because of something and its probably the school trip. They then change the topic about having boyfriends. Chinatsu then ask Akane if she wants to date Hira. She heard someone confess to him but he reject her saying there's someone he likes. Both Chinatsu and Aoi thinks its probably Akane he likes. Akane then blushes a little and look at Hira.

At home Akane is having dinner with her family and discussing about where would Akane go for high school. Her mother suggests her to go to her sister's high school but Akane said its too far for her. After dinner, she is in the living room with her parents while looking at her phone. Kotarō texted asking if her track meet is coming soon. She replied it will be on Sunday. Kotarō replied back saying he will pray for her since he will be at the Shrine on Sunday too. Akane said thanks and wanted him to pray for her. she really wanted to beat her own record.

On Sunday at the stadium, Akane is at a fence squeezing her potato doll. Hira showed up and tried to give her advice to cheer her up. The only thing Akane answered was "Yeah" and "I don't know". Hira then wanted to tell her something. Akane stop squeezing her doll and looked at Hira. Hira then told her never mind and left. When Akane's turn to run, she went to the starting line and prepare herself. When the gun just shot Akane and the other runners started running.

After the meet was over, Akane and her friends went to fast food restaurant. They got their order and sit down. Akane tried to text Kotarō the results but her phone battery just died.

Ep 3 screenshot 6

Akane with Kotarō

She then went to the Shrine to meet up with Kotarō. When she arrived, she can see Kotarō was about to head home and stop when he saw Akane. He then bring Akane to another location. They both sat and didn't say a word. Kotarō then asked her how was the meet. Akane, with a smile, replied that she scored her personal best! Kotarō was grateful for that, and they talked even more. After that, they became silent again, and it felt really awkward at the same time. Akane then looked at Kotarō who was also looking at her. They both then faced in front of them again. All of the sudden Kotarō said "The Moon.." Akane looked at the Moon right away and spoke, "I know. It's so pretty." Both of them become silent again until Kotarō said, "Would you go out with me?".

Passing Shower

~ Main article: Episode 4 ~

Akane is at the train station with the other students for the school trip. She then see Kotarō at a distance looking at her. This makes her blushes and had a flashback on what happen back at the Shrine. She still haven't gave him an answer yet. Before they went off, they have a luggage check by Ryōko-sensei and Hidaka-sensei. Though Akane managed to hide her phone somewhere that the teacher couldn't find it.

Akane, Aira, Setsuko and Miu

Taking pictures with Aira, Sesuko and Miu

When they arrived at Kyoto, Akane went to explore with Aira, Setsuko and Miu. Akane then meet up with Chinastu at a store. They both wanted to buy some gifts for the Track club members. When they were looking around, Chinatsu found Kotarō who is at the same store too! He haven't notice that Akane was there as well so Akane hid herself while trying to observe his chat with Chinatsu. They both were talking really well that they both even laugh together. Akane then leave the store in a hurry.

During nighttime on the same day. She was at a Motel where the students were staying. During bedtime, she sleeps in the same room as Aira, Setsuko and Miu. The four of them pretend to be sleeping when Ryōko-sensei check on them. When she leaved the four of them then have snacks and having fun conversation together like romance. It was Akane's turn to tell her boyfriend or crush. She did told them she does have a crush on someone which makes the others surprise. They then think it is probably Hira. Before Akane tried to explain it to them, there was a noise at the door. Three familiar faces then came in which is Nagahara, Inaba and Kaneko. Aira, Setsuko and Miu tried to handle them by asking them to get out. Kotarō then texted Akane asking what is she doing. Akane replied they were talking about romance stuff. All of the sudden he send a text to meet up with him at the Doimaru Department Store at 12:00am tomorrow. Akane tried to ask why but he never replies after that.

The next day Akane was having breakfast with the other students. After that she went out with Aira and Miu. Even though Akane is having fun with them, she is worried about Kotarō's text yesterday. She even look at the clock to see what time it is. She tried to leave Aira and Miu saying she is going out shopping but they wanted to come with her which isn't what Akane want. Aira decided to leave Akane since she can tell she wanted to do it by herself. She drags Miu away too and Akane went to met up with Kotarō.

She arrived at the store he told her but he wasn't there. Its already passed the time so she texted him asking where he is but he never replied. She then waited for Kotarō instead even it is raining at that time. She is losing hope that he would even came. All of the sudden Chinatsu called her. Akane answer it and surprisingly it was Kotarō speaking trough it! She asked why he is using Chinatsu's phone and he told her that it was a long story. He told Akane to meet her at somewhere else instead.


Akane's answer

They both finally meet up but Akane is really upset. Kotarō tries to apologies while explaining that the teacher took his phone last night. Akane asked him why he borrowed Chinatsu's phone. She thinks he is really close with her. Akane them said she wanted to talk with him more. Kotarō then blushes and ask her if that is her answer. Akane slowly answered yes.


~ Main article: Episode 5 ~

After the School trip, everyone went back to School like usual. Akane saw Kotarō entering the classroom. They both smile at each other. Even though they are dating, this new relationship of theirs is a secret which nobody but them know about this.

During her club, Hira show Akane and Chinatsu their training plans till the next meet. The three of them decided that they wanted to do their best. When Akane is home, she search the internet for Middle School Dating. She read all the basic rules to make a relationship comfortable but it was also too hard for her. She then ask her sister what to do in a relationship since her sister already have experience on dating someone. Ayane told her that middle school people usually go on dates, walk home together and went to each other's homes. Ayane then ask Akane try inviting Kotarō over but she refuses. Akane then send Kotarō a text in LINE asking if he is still awake. Kotarō then reply he is. The both of them continue to chat about them unable to talk at school. Kotarō then said he will be at the library tomorrow. Akane then replied she will be going there too.

Akane sc 35

Next day during the break time, Akane see Kotarō leaving the classroom. Akane wanted to follow him, but she is having lunch with Aira, Setsuko and Miu. So she couldn't escape. After her meal, she rushes to the library. Before entering, she squeeze her potato doll. When she enters the library, she hear a female voice and it was Chinatsu talking with Kotarō! They both notice that Akane is there and Kotarō stood up. Chinatsu ask Akane if they were both planning to meet here but Akane said no right away. Chinastu explain to her what were they doing then leave. Akane stared at Kotarō feeling upset. He then try to ask if she wants to go to cram school. But before he finished his sentence, she answered right away "No" in a jealous tone.

During club lesson, Akane was doing her usual practice which is speed running. She then washed her face. Hira then showed up and told her that her time is bad. Akane apologies. Hira ask her if she wants to talk what was wrong on their way back home. He then leave headed back to the field. During the afternoon, Hira and Akane walk home together. The then stop at a bench near the river. Hira asked her whats wrong but since Akane couldn't tell him it is about her relationship, she didn't say a word. Hira then turn around facing the river and said it is alright. He wants the both of them to work hard since they don't have enough time to run together. Hira then leaves and head home.

During school break, Akane is having lunch with her three friends as usual. Setsuko and told them she is planning to break up with Nagahara since they never did anything fun as a couple. Akane then say dating is hard while looking at Kotarō who is having lunch with Roman and Ogasawara.

First time holding hands

Holding hands with Kotarō

Before club begins, three female students who are also from the track club ask Akane if she is dating with Hira someone who her walking home with him. Akane explain it to them they aren't. When Akane was about to head home after her club, Kotarō contact her to go to a certain place. She then arrive and only Kotarō was there. He explain that this place his friend's bookstore. They both sit while talking about what happen at the library that time. They also talk about there life and how busy they were. Kotarō then ask if it is alright for him to come and watch Akane run for her next track meet one day. Akane was surprise and don't know what to say. Kotarō then said maybe he shouldn't go after all but Akane said no but its not that she doesn't want him to. Later, Kotarō slowly hold Akane's hand. Akane then slowly turn her hand around so she can hold his hand as well. Then all of the sudden, Akane got a text from someone. She then let go Kotarō's hand and read the text message. It was Chinatsu and she said she have a crush with Kotarō! (-.-)

Run, Melos!

~ Main article: Episode 6 ~

Akane was in front of the changing room while remembering Chinatsu's text message. She enters the room and no one was there. She was probably worried that Chinatsu would be there. During the afternoon, she is eating ice cream with Chinatsu and Aoi. Then during the night, she is having dinner with her family. Her father said they will come to cheer for her in her next meet but Akane said they don't have too. He ask why and Ayane told them she has a boyfriend even though Akane warned her not to tell them. Akane froze for a bit while her parents are staring at her asking if it is true. Before she can answer, she got a LINE text message and leave the table to get to her room. She open her text and it was Kotarō asking if they can meet at the library tomorrow. She answered sure and wanted to discuss something with him too.

Next day, Akane enters the library and say good morning to Kotarō who is waiting for her. Kotarō told her that a publisher called him last time and want to meet with him. Akane was really happy for him. Though the meet is on this Sunday which is the same day as Akane's Track Meet. They both then agree to do their best and made a pinky promise. Kotarō then ask what Akane want to talk about but she said maybe next time.

During Sunday, Akane is at the stadium with her friends. When she is alone with Chinatsu, she apologies and told her that she and Kotarō are dating. Chinatsu said she already knows since its obvious. She thanked Akane for telling her this. Akane will be racing with Chinatsu along with the other participates. She is at the starting line, get set and go when the gunshot. When the results were out, she didn't manage to get the prefectures. Akane is sitting on a stairway looking depressed. Hira then showed up and ask her ruffly what just happen. Akane looked at the other way while listening to his ruff words. She then started crying.

Akane sc 40

Akane had dinner, help washed the plates and head straight to her room. Akane was sighing on her bed. Her sister then asked is it because of her boyfriend. Akane told her sister that her best friend likes her boyfriend. Ayane was surprised and told Akane to stop being friends like her. Akane said that she couldn't since friends are also important. It was already past 11pm and Akane is on her bed looking at her phone. She wanted to text but don't know what to say. Kotarō then suddenly text Akane saying he missed her and Akane replied she misses him too. They both then meet at the library again and tell what happen. Turns out Kotarō wasn't selected. Akane told him that she didn't make it as well. They both said they will do harder next time since the promise it.

One day during the afternoon. Akane wanted to talk with Chinatsu. She apologies for not telling her that she and Kotarō are dating. Chinatsu also apologies that she felt in love with him and ask Akane if she is angry. Akane told Chinatsu that she isn't. Chinatsu hold Akane's hand saying thank you. Then suddenly with an unexpected question. Chinatsu ask permission if she can confess to Kotarō. (-,-) (WTF)

Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love

~ Main article: Episode 7 ~

Akane has been invited to Viva Doom City by Chinatsu with some other friends. Their ride was the Rollercoaster. Chinatsu wants Kotarō to sit next to her. So Akane is sitting next to Hira instead. When the Rollercoaster started to rise up. Akane was so frightening how high they are while Hira is trying to tease her to make her even more scared. The Rollercoaster then go down with a very high speed. After the ride was over, everyone went off. Akane felt very dizzy and Hira helped her up.

Akane and Hira wearing hats

They then went to a toy store which sells a lot of stuff like hats and teddy bears. Kotarō wears one of the hats. Akane and Roman said it looks good on him and he should buy it. Kotarō disagrees with it since it is too expensive. Aira and Setsuko then called Akane to wear the same hat with Hira. they both then take a picture of them. When everyone is about to go for the next ride. Akane call Kotarō and Chinatsu who is having a conversation which makes Chinatsu laugh. Chinatsu then went on ahead. Akane is upset at Kotarō and leave without saying a word.

After their ride was over, Akane was lost with Hira. Hira bring Akane to all kind of places in the Doom City. They end up at a bridge under the Rollercoaster. They were walking at the side until Kotarō called out Akane's name from behind. They both turn and see Kotarō is approaching them. Kotarō then told Hira their secret that they are dating and should leave them both alone. Hira was silent for a few seconds. He then ask Akane if it was true. Akane nods her head while blushing. Kotarō then grab her hand and they both leave.

Kotarō and Akane were sitting alone silently. Kotarō then apologies what just happen there. Akane said it was already since it was the truth. They both smile at each other and then Kotarō said he was hungry. Akane was also hungry that he was about to get her phone and text where are the others. Kotarō then ask her that can they be alone for a little longer. Akane then say she will let the others know first. They went to the food count and buy some Takoyaki. This is their first time eating together. After lunch, they went to ride some rides, exploring and having fun until nighttime.

About to kiss

They both went of some stairs when the fireworks has started. The fun is almost over and they both planned to go here again just the two of them. Kotarō then grab Akane's hand. They both then face each other slowly. They look at each other while blushing. Kotarō then move his head closer to Akane while Akane closed her eyes. They were about to kiss until a child shows up saying they were kissing. Kotarō and Akane then stop while looking at the child. They look at each other and laugh. They then went home by Train together. Akane is sitting next to Kotarō who is sleeping. She received a LINE message from Chinatsu saying she couldn't confess to Kotarō and send a crying sticker. Without sending Chinatsu a message, Akane said sorry in the train.

Vita Sexualis

~ Main article: Episode 8 ~

Akane is in the changing room with Chinatsu and Aoi. Aoi then ask Akane if she is dating someone since she got the information from Miu. It seems that the news about Kotarō and Akane are in a relationship is spreading.

Ep 8 screenshot 2

The next day Akane went to her classroom. When she was about to enter, Aira, Setsuko and Miu drag her to the restroom instead. In there they started to ask questions why she choose Kotarō and why she likes him. Even though Akane was smiling and blushing, she answered she doesn't even know. During class, all of the students are giving their school holiday homework to their teacher. While Kotaro was returning to his seat. He see Akane at her desk. The other students where staring at them. Akane then blush and Kotarō walk away.

After class, Akane then leave to go to her club. When she is out of the school building, Kotarō called out her name from behind. He told Akane that he has club too, so they are able to walk home together. They both then meet up at the Library after their club was over. Akane enters the library and they both had lunch together. When they were chatting, someone texted Kotarō if she can come to practice later. Akane then wanted to come with Kotarō so she can see him practice. Kotarō was a little embarrass to bring her since there will be more people knowing he has a girlfriend. But he said was it will be alright.

They both went to the Kagura Hall after school. Kotarō was talking to Daisuke with another person. The man then spot Akane standing there and ask who is she. Daisuke was about to say Kotarō's girlfriend but Kotarō covered his mouth before he finished. Kotarō gives her a cushion for her to sit on. Kotarō then perform his dance in the middle of the hall. Akane is watching him and was stoned by his dance. Its like he is a whole different person. After the practice was over, Daisuke asked Akane how was it. She told him that it was wonderful and she loved it. Daisuke apologies to Kotarō for calling him here when they were together. He then told Kotarō that at the Hikawa Shrine have wind chimes now. With that Kotarō and Akane is planning to go there.

Akane sc 51

Akane with her Yukata

On the same day which is afternoon, Kotarō was waiting for Akane so they can go to the Shrine. Akane shows up with her Yukata and it made Kotarō blush a little. She tied her hair and she is holding a small basket. They both then held off. They were eating some Imokoi and Kotarō told Akane it is Kawagoe's special food. Akane then saw a store which was selling the potato doll she also has. She told Kotarō to hold one of them since it feels so nice. Kotarō grab on of the dolls and say he want one(though he didn't buy it in the end). They went to another store which sells a lot of Japanese items. Akane look at some hair clips and say she likes one of the Japanese style. She put one on her hair and Kotarō said it suits her. They both came across some Fortunes for birthdays. Akane asked Kotarō when's his birthday, and it is August 7th. She was surprised with his answer since it already past. She was upset that they couldn't celebrate it together but Kotarō told her it is fine since it is during summer break and no one ever celebrate it. Akane then told Kotarō she will be going home for a moment and will meet up at the same store.

Akane lied to Kotarō for going home. Instead, she is looking around at particular stores to buy Kotarō a late birthday present. She then came across the store which is selling the potato dolls. She brought one, meet up with Kotarō and held to the Shrine to see the wind chimes. Kotarō said he never went see any of this before even though he lives at Kawagoe longer then Akane. They found out that they can write their wish on the chimes which cost 500 yen each. Kotarō pays for his and Akane's. They both started to write their wish. Kotarō asked Akane what is her wish but she didn't want to tell him since it is embarrassing. They continue their tour around the place one by one. After a while, Akane suddenly stop. It looks like Akane have injured her right foot. She sat down and ask Kotarō to wait for her while she is bandaging. She couldn't reach her foot so Kotarō help her bandage it for her. Akane said "Thank You" to Kotarō and he was about to get going again. However, Akane told him to wait. She took a small package from her basket and give it to Kotarō saying "Happy Birthday". Kotarō open the package and was surprised it is the potato doll they looked at before.


They both then walk home together while talking about the potato doll. Kotarō said thanks to Akane while saying her first name. Akane was a little shock by that and Kotarō ask if he can call her that from now on. Akane told him sure and she will be calling him by his first name as well. They both then laugh together. When Kotarō opened his eyes, he look at Akane's face. They both stood still and Akane is squeezing her potato doll (this shows that she is nervous). Kotarō then grab her hand slowly and stared at each other. After a few moments, Kotarō bring his head closer to Akane and they both had their first kiss.

The next day Akane is at the girls restroom with Aira, Setsuko and Miu talking about her relationship with Kotarō. Akane told them that she feels safe when she is with him. The girls smirk and told Akane that she changed. There was a scene of the wind chimes with both of Kotarō's and Akane's wish. Even though they both don't know what each other wrote, it turns out they wish for the same thing which is "I wish for us to be together forever"

The Wind Rises

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During club, Akane, chinatsu and Aoi were discussing about which high school they will be going. Then after club, Akane went to meet up with Kotarō at his friend's bookstore. They were discussing which high school they will be going. It looks like they still don't know which school they will be going but Kotarō said he might be going to a public high school. Kotarō said he wants to go to the same high school as Akane so they will be together. Daisuke then arrive at the store and thank Kotarō for looking after it.

Ep 9 screenshot 2

At Akane's apartment, her father have an announcement to make for the whole family. He said they might be moving to Chiba due to his work. During dinner, they then discuss which high school Akane will be going there. Akane's mother said she heard there is very good high school at Chiba and it is called Koumei. Ayane then bring out her phone, search for Koumei high school information and show it to Akane. On the same night, Akane is texting with Kotarō about her last Track meet. Kotarō asked her if he can come to watch her run but she denied it. She said she will be embarrassed. Kotarō said he won't come then and be cheering for her afar.

The next day, Akane went to the stadium early in the morning. When she is there, Akane text Kotarō she will be running soon. When it is Akane's turn to run, she went to the starting line. All the runners were getting set and ready to run on the shot count, all of them ran. Akane ran faster than any of them and was the first one to finish the race with a new personal record! Akane meet up with her track friend and they were congratulating her.

Good job for 3 years

During her break time, she ate her lunch with Chinatsu and Aoi. Akane open her lunch box and see her mom made a message saying "3 Years Good Job". Chinastu realize this is their last lunch together. Aoi said stop it but Chinastu continued saying all the fun times the three of them had together. Akane then started crying and thanks to them. Chinatsu and Aoi also started crying. When Akane turn around, she found out that Takumi Hira was trying to get his lunch box from his beg without them noticing but failed. Hira laughs a little since Akane's nose is red. This makes Chinastu and Aoi laugh a little which also makes Akane laugh. Later Akane text Kotarō she got a new record. Kotarō text congratulation.

During the afternoon, Akane is with Hira. He ask Akane if she wants to continue Track in high school. She said she wants to since she loves running. Hira told her she should go to a competitive school if she really wants too. Akane then said it might be hard since she might be moving. This make Hira shock but Akane told him it haven't been decided. He ask where to and Akane said at Chiba. Hira then told her that Koumei is a good high school there. This makes Akane decide to choose Koumei for her high school if she is moving there since two people already recommend it. A student then call Akane saying the teacher is calling for her. Akane then left and went to with the student.

Later at the train station, Hira decide to go to the Kawagoe Festival with all the Track member club. Akane said she will be going. Chinatsu then whispered to her want about Kotarō. She said it is alright since he is going to be in the Hayashi.

Later during the night, Kotarō text Akane saying he wanted to apologize since he went to watch her run today. Akane was very shocked that her sister asked her wants wrong. She said it's fine but it was a surprise. She said she had something to tell him too. She text him she might be moving to Chiba.

The Setting Sun

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One day at school during the afternoon. Akane is having her parent-teacher meeting with Ryōko-sensei. She told Akane's mother that Akane's grades are excellent and shouldn't be a problem. They then talk about their move to Chiba.

One night, Akane join Kotarō's cram school. They both meet outside the building after their lesson was over. They went to talk at a fence near the train tracks and talk about the LINE message they had that time. Kotarō said they both will be fine even at a long distance, although Kotarō wanted to go to Koumei if he can. They both then walk home.

During the festival day which have finally arrived. Akane is with Chinatsu and Aoi waiting for the boys from the Track club. After they arrive, they all went to the festival to have a good time. Then Akane heard the music from Hayashi float. She went to see it since Kotarō will be dancing there. She was amazed by his dancing skill. Its probably even better than the one she saw back then.

Ep 10 screenshot 4

Hira confessing

Its already nighttime and Kotarō texted Akane where is she since he is having his break. She replied she is with the Track club. Kotarō will meet up with her when he is near. After that Akane right away do rock-paper-scissors for who will throw the trash. End result it is Akane and Hira. They both went to throw the trash. Akane can see some people eating some Imokoi and she also wants some. Hira then wanted to bring her to buy some Imokoi. They both were standing in front of a store while Akane is eating her Imokoi. Hira tried to make a conversation but end up saying she might not have some if she move away. It makes Akane a little upset so Hira apologies. It was quiet until all of the sudden Hira confess his feelings to her! Akane reject him which makes Hira more curious why she is dating with Kotarō. They both know each other way longer then Kotarō and he finds it unfair because of that. Akane then explain that Hira is just an important friend and that is all. Hira said its fine. All he wanted is just to let her know how he feels. Hira then turns the other way feeling depress. Kotarō then texted Akane to meet him at Toki no Kane.

Akane sc 58

Akane crying

He meet up with Akane but this time with a different personality. They both walk together at the festival. Kotarō is looking a little grumpy, not because of Akane but because of someone else. Kotarō was planning to have some Imokoi with Akane but she was full. So Kotarō brought one only for himself. They both were standing at the side while Kotarō was eating. Then one of his groups meet up with him and ask if the girl next to him is his girlfriend. Kotarō told them it is nothing like that which makes Akane a little surprise. They continue to walk around the festival. Kotarō then brought some Takoyaki and eating it near a vending machine. When he was eating, Akane told him that Hira confesses to her but she rejected him. Kotarō eats his food a little faster which makes him chock a little. Akane try to get him some tea but he told her not too. He then left saying he needs to go.

Akane was depressed and upset. She couldn't have a good time with Kotarō. She went to a street where nobody was there while holding her potato doll and started crying. She then went back home. Akane is laying on her bed while looking at her phone. She tried to go to sleep but having a hard time.

Kissing 2

Akane kissing Kotarō

Next day at school they barely talk to each other. Then during the night after cram school. Akane went to see some requested books which she found one for Koumei High School. She grab it and ask one of the staff why is it here. They said there were request for it. Akane then rush outside with the book and meet with Kotarō who was going back home. She found him and they went to a bridge. Akane told him that she found a book for Koumei high school which has been requested by someone. She asked Kotarō if it was him. Kotarō then said sentence by sentence he wants to apply there, he haven't told his parents about this yet even though he know they will probably won't accept, but he will try to convince them. He continue saying he was thinking about his future and he wanted to have it with her. Akane then hug Kotarō with tears saying she was relieved since she thought he hated her now. Kotarō told her that isn't true. Akane look at Kotarō and kiss him right away. They both were blushing but in the end, everything went back to normal.

An Encouragement of Learning

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Akane was studying one night until Kotarō texted her asking if she is awake. She replied back and have a conversation with him. When Akane's sister came in. She told Akane she should continue studying.

Akane sc 59

It was already nighttime almost midnight. Akane finished her studies. She look at her sister who appears to be sleeping. Akane then took out a blue scarf from her bed and started to knit it. After sometime, her sister who wasn't sleeping at all staring at Akane and said "You can't be serious" with a smile on her face. She can tell that Akane's relationship is going well. She then ask what will they do after they move. Akane said its fine since they will be going to the same high school together. This makes her sister shock and told Akane they shouldn't do that. It might cost them to break up. Akane rejected her warning and told her that they won't break up.

At school, it appears that everyone knows that Kotarō will be applying to Koumei for Akane's sake. Aira and Setsuko tease her by saying they should get married already which make Akane laugh.

One night, Akane texted Kotarō if they can meet up for Christmas tomorrow and he said yes. They both meet up at a bridge and held out. They both sat on some stairs next to a small river. They both were silent for awhile and when they try to speak they cross each other words. Akane apologies since he was studying but Kotarō apologies for her studies too. Akane then bring out her beg next to her and said "Merry Christmas". Kotarō was happy and he take out his present for her too. Akane open it up and it is a pink handkerchief. She thanks him and Kotarō open up his present. It was a blue scarf which she knit it herself. Kotarō was really amazed that he wear it right away. However, the scarf Akane knit was too long. Akane was worried because of that but Kotarō said it is alright while thanking her.

Kissing 3

They both continue their walk. Kotarō was telling her that his parents are against it and his grades are still bad. Akane said that having parents support is important. She explain that her parents always support and keep encouraging her. They both spend time at the Shrine where they went during Episode 8. Before they went back home, they stop at a street and kiss. This shows that their relationship is deeper than before.

And Then

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The exams were over and both Akane's and Kotarō's results are out. Akane pass her exam but Kotarō didn't. This means Kotarō isn't able to go to Akane's high school.

Back at home, Akane explains the situation to her sister. Ayane then ask Akane what is she going to do with him. Long distance? Akane told her yes but her sister told her it won't work out. So it is better to break up. This makes Akane a little angry that she tosses her pillow at her. Her sister then leave the room. It is already 10:10 pm and Akane and her sister already went to sleep. However, Akane was editing a photo of hers with some kitten stickers until Kotarō texted her. They then continue their conversation together.

One day Akane is in her classroom doing self-study. Chinatsu then texted her saying she passed. Akane congrats her. Chinatsu then told her that she also confess to Kotarō. This make Akane shock by that but Chinatsu told her that he rejected her. Chinatsu apologies to Akane and ask if they are still friends. Akane told her that its alright. Kotarō also texted Akane asking is they can hang out since the exams are over. Akane accepts his request.

Akane, Aira, Setsuko and Miu 2

During graduation at Daisan Middle School. Akane is in her classroom with her other classmates. She took a photo with Aira, Setsuko and Miu. This makes Miu shed tears since this might be the last time they spent time together. Aira then call Kotarō to join in. She took a photo of Kotarō and Akane together with a sticker on them. Also, not only in the classroom but Akane also meet up with her Track member friends. Hira told Akane that she better keep running in high school and Akane told the same thing to him.

Kissing 4

Kotarō and Akane meet up since they already plan it. They spent their time till afternoon. They were talking about Akane's move since it will be tomorrow. Kotarō was planning to visit her every week. He will find a part-time job so he will earn money to pay for the train fare. He even want to take the first train so they can have more time to stay with each other. Akane also want to find a job but Kotarō told her just stick with her club. He will be just fine doing the work for them. Akane then yell its not fine at him. She ask Kotarō a question if Chinastsu really did confess to him. Kotarō was worried but he said yes. Akane then ask him why he didn't tell her that. She then started crying. Kotarō try to ask her whats wrong but even she doesn't know herself. She then say that she gets anxious. So anxious that she thought she is causing trouble for Kotarō and it really hurts her. Kotarō don't know what to say and then Akane ran up to him and kiss him. She then run away. With this she decided to break up with him without even saying it.

The next day Akane is getting ready for her move. She packs everything but left her potato doll at her window. Her mother yells out if she pack everything and she said yes. This means she decided to leave her doll behind. Outside, Akane is with Chinatsu and Aoi crying to say goodbye. Akane's father then decided for her to come later since they don't have to rush for goodbyes. Chinatsu then ask Akane what about Kotarō? Akane was about to tell her that they broke up but before she did. Chinatsu shows her a website for those who have stories to upload them online. The story Chinatsu found was all the stories that Kotarō and Akane did back then. As well the story is written by Kotarō! After she read the last chapter, Akane post a comment asking what happens next? This means she decided to continue their relationship until the very end.

Akane sc 71

It was already afternoon and Akane is at the train station about to leave. In the train, she got a notification from the app she downloaded called "Become an Author!" which Chinatsu showed earlier. Akane opens the app and see that Kotarō posted a new chapter and the title is called "The End". Akane read sentence by sentence as she goes. "I want to tell her that no matter how far apart we are,", "my feelings for her will never change.", "You're leaving for an unfamiliar town.", "And I'll always love you.". Akane shed tears after she read the last sentence while putting her hand next to her potato doll which she decided to bring in the end. Akane always doesn't know what to do, but ever since Kotarō confesses to her. She believes they would walk together. To think someone she loved would love her back, it feels like a miracle.

Ending credits: At the end of the last episode, there are scenes which show Kotarō and Akane still contacting each other even though they are far away from each other. The contact name they put for each other also gradually change from boyfriend to husband. At one of the scene, Kotarō visited Akane's new house and even went on a vacation together. At the end of the last few scenes, it also shows Kotarō taking picture of Akane in a wedding dress. Which means they got married in the end. And at the last scene, it shows Akane holding a baby, beside her was Kotarō and both of their family members.


Kotarō Azumi

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Akane really love Kotarō ever since they started dating. Though in Episode 8 she said she doesn't know why she likes him. She gets really upset and naive if every time she cause trouble to Kotarō. Their relationship gets deeper every moment runs by which they get married in the end and have a child.

Chinatsu Nishio

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Chinatsu is one of Akane's best friends. They both are in the same club and really enjoys being in it. Akane sometimes gets jealous whenever she hangs out with Kotarō and was worried when she founds out she have a crush on him. When Akane was about to move, the both of them were crying along with Aoi for saying good bye.

Aoi Takizawa

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Aoi is also one of Akane's best friends who went to Track club as well. Akane sometimes feel curious why she doesn't like boys. Just like with Chinatsu, she was crying before saying good bye to Aoi.

Takumi Hira

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Hira is one of Akane's friends a long time ago. Akane sometimes being told from her friends to go out with Hira and she feel embarrass because of it. She doesn't realize Hira has a crush on her until he confess. However, Akane reject him since she is dating with Kotarō. The both of them return as normal friends again.




  • Akane really love to eat and she doesn't get worried getting fat since she runs a lot.